I’m not the best at understanding things like others and therefore have issues issues expressing them. I may feel things emotional or physical sensations but be unable to attach the meaning. Examples sure I notice wind, water, skin but not just as a texture not a temperature or that I may notice mi tummy feels something I’m not sure if it’s hunger or pain (honestly I don’t understand concept of differ pain). Even emotions during a recent activity it wad learned that I only half process happy, sad, mad, y other as feeling categories. So when you’re trying to communicate with me you have to respect that I really can’t get some things. I am smart and an adult so I don’t want to be treated as less but I still do need understanding. Honestly when communicating with me you need to be blunt and specific. Do not assume I understand what you mean. I normally don’t. Pictures are a huge help especially when I’m trying to process allot. Once I have to much going on in mi head I can’t process verbal language well – and I’m already not the best. Let me try communicate best I can whether with colors, pics, music, or mi hands. When I do use words remember that I don’t use then like other people. I have mi own style. I tend to use the same words or phrases that I have a meaning for which I may understand it vastly differ than anyone else. And if you don’t get it I’m sorry I do mi best both to understand and to express myself. Whether I or anyone else likes to admit it I am different. But I Am NOT Less. Do not expect me to act or process like most people. I’m unique just like everyone on the spectrum and everyone in general. But also do not me treat me like I’m incapable of anything. I can make decisiones but I may need help understanding. Don’t just do things for me, be patient and explain unless I ask you to do it. Even if you’re mi friend know that I’m not like others. You need to say exactly what you mean and yes I’m picky on time and bad emotional support. I do care but I don’t know what to do. But I’m fun, I have no shame, and I’m honest – maybe to much so lolz. I guess what I mean is that I know it’s hard for others and me to understand each other (especially there is so much I keep inside) but I think it’s worth trying to put in the effort.


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