Transcendence 1/19/14

I was a star in the sky at first. I was never really here but sometimes I watched. I was in a state similar to Adam Sandler on auto pilot during the movie click. I started to supernova around 13yrs. Feb 2007 I became a black hole. In May 2007 Renaissance sponge came like a Phoenix from the ashes. Rey Pupi Juan took over after the breakdown of Aug 2010. Around Aug 2013 he started melting like a snowflake. By Dec 2013 he was a raindrop. As he evaporates I don’t know what will come. But maybe just maybe you’ll see some of me.

Update Dec 19 2015.

Tiggy is a broken jicksaw puzzle piece of me. One that had bin rained on, crumbled y torn. Mixed with the ashes y melted snow. So much me it isn’t me. A caricature of me playing off expectations of me, both mine y others. A exaggerated mix of who me am and who me wants to be and who people think I should be. Another suffocating act. But progress. One day, one day will have the safety to breathe. 

Update June 4 2016

In my aloneness you can find pieces me. The times were I’m not judged I can breathe and be free. But still I’m trapped, sometimes by people, sometimes by the past, sometimes just by my body.

Update July 2017

The me that could have been will always be buried, hidden somewhere in my soul where not even me can find it. This unknown thing has stolen my body from me and has my brain betraying me. The glimpses and fragments of me rarely find a way to my consciousness, and even then they stay trapped at a loss for words and no other way to communicate. 


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