So I’ve been in the hospital for a few days and am finally out. Apparently I’ve had an infection for 2 months but by time i understand it spread to mi kidneys. I was hurting which is new cuz i barely feel things they gave me morphine and narcos and antibiotics and stuff in an iv. They didn’t want me go alone so mi friend came for me and even bought groceries which was nice. They tried refer me get a worker from cau (community alternatives unlimited) but unfortunately cau denied me earlier this year. They don’t think it’s good that most (say 85%) time I’m alone. I have no assistance with things like keeping food and remember eat and take meds. I do mi best. The thing is I’ve always been me so i don’t really notice. Yes i know i have meltdowns but i rarely know why. I just try survive. And since i always say I’m ok then people assume I’m ok which makes sense unless you remember mi differences. If you want know things you have ask specific cuestiones such as did you eat or can you handle going to the store. And also i don’t always remember things or get them twisted in mi head. I’m just a space cadet missing a pilot – i am watching the


stars and hoping the bumpy ride don’t kill me yet cuz there is more beauty to see.