I know I’m smart  . . . But to a degree. I know slot of things but have little or no comprehension. In allot of ways I’ll always be a child. In some ways better and in a few worse. For instance i can’t seem to make decisions easily when at all. I went to steak and shake and couldn’t figure out what to order. Mi head got jumbled with the choices and even though i wanted something different, i wound up getting the only I’ve ever got because by this point i was starting to have meltdown due to the confusion and all the noise and people. And all mi smartness doesn’t help me with social things or emotions. I can know i should say something or that somebody had a feeling but i won’t understand. Or sometimes late to get it. It’s very frustrating to understand you should know something but that it’s eloping you. Or say after a meltdown a few hours later i may be able to figure out what triggered and started it to a degree but that doesn’t help me cope or prevent it and most times i barely remember what happened. Even though I’m really smart i still need some assistance. Don’t get wrong i like that i can do some things but people seem to set me up for failure by thinking i can do more than i can based on mi intelligence and forget mi differences. You have to see all of me good and different.


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