So i hate when you ask for help and people completely down shot you. Especially when it’s someone that you’re suppose to go to for assistance. And when people judge you or disregard you. Why can’t they accept your different but not less. It seems your suppose to be ok completely or not at all. I don’t like the discrimination against invisible disabilities (differences) or well any discrimination but that’s of topic. I am non verbal. A place that works with me is aware of this so why did when i ask for help with things was i told to call a number y speak with an operator. And to make it worse when i reminded them I’m nonverbal they informed me that i did indeed talk. How rude. I felt like a blind man told he could and should read. Ok yes i can make sound I’ve admitted that before. But i can’t keep up with the rest of the process involved such as following y understanding what’s being said both verbally y not at the same or expressing mi thoughts and other things, ect . . . There is a huge difference between making sound y engaging in conversation. The disability programs recognize that and i do have an aac to assist express myself but that can’t help with real time processing. Mi closest friends don’t expect to me talk and accept that. I can’t do spontaneous conversation even in a relaxed setting much less if it’s very serious (like today needing help with insurance changes and food stamps) where i really need to understand what’s happening and focus. And this coming from a place fully aware of mi differences was like a slap. And then wonder why i can’t trust you more because when i come help you turn me away. I don’t try to coerce people into writing everyone we communicate though it would make things smoother but i try to meet in the middle so what gives you the right to coerce me?  I understand that not everyone is fully aware of the challenges and differences in processing with autism but the fact remains that you’re fully aware they exist and see is legit and yet you try to disregard them. When i really help the most. I’m not sure what to say I’m feeling but it’s not very nice. It’s one of the rudest things I’ve been through. Strangers ate one thing they may be unaware I’m different besides dressing odd but for a place that works with people who have differences to be so ignorant is just wrong. Anyway I’m sorry for the rant but it really ruined mi day.