Anxiety in autism

   Ok figured it out. Here’s a map thing included. People tend to wonder why a person with autism or sensory processing disorder are always anxious. It’s not hard to figure. Most people are just looking at backwards. Don’t think of anxiety as a psychological emotion. Think of it as a physical response. Anxiety is a form of fear that is the natural biological response to protect the self from harm. It releases things such as adrenaline that cause the fight, flight, or freeze response. To a person with one of these neurological differences the body is consistently under attack from outside stimuli such as lights, noises, ect . . So it naturally reacts appropriatelyto protect its self which long term can cause psychological effects similar to ptsd as the mind y body are constantly worried about the next attack from stimuli.
   Another thing that really contribute is not being able to function at the expected capacity. We tend to internalize what is expected of us just like everybody else. The difference is we can’t do things in the expected manner. Well meaning people put us thru therapies y such designed to make us act neurotypical when we’re not instead of respecting our differences y working with our strengths y weaknesses. This has 2 psychological effects 1) at best it makes feel like we are failing constantly which can lead 2 anxiety y depresi√≥n 2) at worse it can les to ptsd if we were punished for not being able to do something (quiet rooms, being restrained, coping skillz like fav toy taken away).
    Together these can make vicious cycles. For me mi autism makes me unable to function at the expected capacity which triggers MI ptsd (fear of harm) Y anxiety  (fear of failure) both which trigger MI ocd (including intrusive thoughts) which triggers more anxiety  (fear of something wrong with me {which


makes a mini ocd cycle}) that leads to decreased ability to handle social/sensory/executive processing (which may lead to harm) that goes back to demands exceeding ability and cycle continues until a anxiety attack y/o panic attack y/o meltdown which also can start back the cycle by triggering any of the above.


Meanings of Love

No that isn’t a typo. Because there are different kinds of love, there are also different meanings. Here I will find the common themes y what creates unconditional love (of any relationship).
  Mi fav definition says that Love is an expression meaning it consistently bring you more joy than pain. I find that valid if kinda vague. I want to look deeper so here’s MI exploration.
   Love is about Communication of Trust to Accept the differences with Respect while having Fun so that one can Relax. Personally I think this more clear about the attributes that make something bring more joy than pain while still leaving space to encompass different kinds (such add love for coffee or family or friend or teacher or partner, ect . .).
But let’s get a little more detail shall we?
  Communication can be any gesture (including verbal/written/drawing/smiling/running/hitting y more) that expresses a thought or feeling.
   Trust is believing in the best possible outcome  (meaning something positive like a hug instead of negative such as burning ones tongue).
   Accept means not having a absolute conviction of what should be so that one can be flexible if the experience doesn’t meet your expectation.
   Respect means to value as equal despite any y all differences.
   Fun means engaging in activities that being joy.
    Relax means to be able to stop thinking about the should so that one can be natural y enjoy experiencing the moment.
   When these needs meet one experiences Love. And when this is consistently met you have Unconditional Love. We all need this.