Meanings of Love

No that isn’t a typo. Because there are different kinds of love, there are also different meanings. Here I will find the common themes y what creates unconditional love (of any relationship).
  Mi fav definition says that Love is an expression meaning it consistently bring you more joy than pain. I find that valid if kinda vague. I want to look deeper so here’s MI exploration.
   Love is about Communication of Trust to Accept the differences with Respect while having Fun so that one can Relax. Personally I think this more clear about the attributes that make something bring more joy than pain while still leaving space to encompass different kinds (such add love for coffee or family or friend or teacher or partner, ect . .).
But let’s get a little more detail shall we?
  Communication can be any gesture (including verbal/written/drawing/smiling/running/hitting y more) that expresses a thought or feeling.
   Trust is believing in the best possible outcome  (meaning something positive like a hug instead of negative such as burning ones tongue).
   Accept means not having a absolute conviction of what should be so that one can be flexible if the experience doesn’t meet your expectation.
   Respect means to value as equal despite any y all differences.
   Fun means engaging in activities that being joy.
    Relax means to be able to stop thinking about the should so that one can be natural y enjoy experiencing the moment.
   When these needs meet one experiences Love. And when this is consistently met you have Unconditional Love. We all need this.


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