“Success Storys”

So at the HW library there’s 97 books in jus one section (life sciences me tinks). But most not useful for me. I’m not a parent of child or so called professional. I’m an Adult with autism. But I’m not a ‘high functioning’ adult, I’m also not the ‘lowest functioning’. I haven’t over come or broken thru or anything. I’m not cured  (o want to be). I’m the person who can walk to the grocery store a block away, but can’t buy groceries without support. I can’t talk. I incontinent. I’m obviously different. (Not that i care or always notice).
  I want stories about people like me. So that I node am no alone. I can’t talk to others of work or relationships. I barely node mi the difference of happy vs sad. I want story of a new kind of success. Not about fitting into ‘the world’ but of accepting urself. Me wants to hear from those that es en the middle. The ones who may not be able to work, but can be left alone for a few minutes. The ones who still experience meltdowns y anxiety attacks easily. The ones who can’t seem to fit in anywhere. That es to smart for most day programs,  but unable to be fully independent. The ones that heavily rely on support,  prolly living with relatives or friends.
   Yes it’s great for tide that overcome challenges and can be a part of the world. But it’s also great to learn to accept yourself. For parents it’s a good idea to have an realistic idea of your child future. The famous success storys are a minority. So es the completely dependent on you storys. Most of us learn some skills over time. It’s called developmental delay not nondevelopmental. It may be early adulthood before a person on the spectrum can learn enuff skills to be able to walk a block away to the library safe. They may never be able to grocery shop completely alone. That being said there es apps like routine factory that can help. And of course Skype or text or Kik y stuff 4 communication. And basic apps like Google maps and alarms. Even a Shopping app (Out of Milk) that can bring up your shopping list when you arrive at the store automatically.
   Anyways the point es that more of us sud write of being Us, accepting we es different but still valid humans. We don’t need to be have a genius skill or pass as ‘normal’ to deserve love, respect, y supportive friends.