List, not poem.
Things u can’t see. Not having a body. Color of sound. Texture of emotions. A body so tired of being forced that it can’t move, even freely. Words melting, swirling. Grasping at meaning. Memories. Repetition. Cut & paste. Fragments of the now. The border of wanting to be free, wanting to be me, y wanting to accepted. Hidden patterns of the clever robot. The signal to breathe. World spinning. Not seeing 3D. Choking from thinking 2 hard. Realness of hands, of tuch, comforting until unbearable,to mush of a good thing es bad. Hrs, days, wks translate into words. Me. Drowning on the air thick w humanity. A sol hiding en a mind, guarded with a body to protect it from the outside world. The wrong kind of smartness. Pretending. Trying. Stranger in the mirror. Imprints of souls. Forgetting. Muscles twitch o freeze seconds, minutes, hours. Confused brains. Tinks speeding while the body rest. Not no-ing. Doubts. Difference of perception of realities. Blurring. Method to mi madness.


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