Why I write this blog

I was asked a long time ago why I write this so here’s my answer. But first I don’t write it as a advocate or to tell people what to do with they children. But if I help someone understand that is nice to. Oh the word is type (sometimes I ask a friend or look on google and Dynavox to learn a word).

  • Because for a lot of years my therapist and my friend to (and residential to) work to teach me
  • Because that January 2014 at 23 years  stuff happened and it made me understand that I could and wanted to say something. 
  • Because I like to know that I can do things sometimes and this is my journal that I can look at and know I did this, I learned how to say something when nobody think me would.
  • Because the SLP used it to get my Dynavox and teach me I could use this way to help people help me and sometimes others. (Before Dynavox I had PECS and the book in the picture and some ASL and other stuff they used to teach me words like Bitmoji app)

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