OCD and also nonverbal 

I will tell you about my day. I was outside and a loud noise happen. I started self harm and Allie had to help me stop and get to my room safe. After that I feel asleep. Later we went to the park. I like to swing. There was other children well children  because I am not supposed to be a child even if I feel the same as always. This was hard because they can be loud and move lots and stuff. And a person was in my swing. I am very OCD of sitting in the same swing. But I was able to sit in the other and even face the other side. I closed my eyes and swing until I could not but that sounds longer than is. But yay for not let OCD stop my swing time and yay for Allie help me stay calm. 

   This is not related but I want to say it because I took a long time to learn how. This lady that work in a program with me for a long time told me I could talk if I wanted to. She said this because one day she heard me make noise. Yes I make noise sometimes. It can feel or sound good or sometimes I just can’t stop. Or me may be super happy or upset. And sometimes but mostly just with Allie I am try hard communication, she is the only one who don’t care it not words. She not try fix it, but always happy to look at me and also seem understand somethings like if me not want run. But it doesn’t make words even when I try. It was silly because she knows I have a Dynavox and used other ways when she met me. The words I learn are speech aphasia and apraxia where the brain has hard time with words and the mouth has hard time making them. I have learned that life would be more fast and easy if I could talk. I probably would not talk much or like other people but it would be easy to say my needs instead of taking a long time to have you understand what I want to say. 


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