I want to thanks a friend. He did not know about autism. He met me homeless and help me. Even he had problems to but he did his best. For years he help me learn to use a smartphone then tablet for the map and alarms and stuff (it took several years to learn about YouTube and Netflix). He made me food and help me get dressed. He got me SSI and one day housing. But mostly he saw me as a person. He did not try to make me like everyone else or spend hours on eye contact and not rocking and needing music but he help give me skills to make my life more easy. There is stuff he could not teach me or did not but he teach me the most important stuff. He teach me I was a person and that even if hard I can do some stuff alone even if different than others. I am so happy to have him and the therapist before because they both work hard to help me communication. But they are gone now. But I’m alive thanks to them and not homeless no more.


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