Things I am good at 

I get ask this lots. It not easy. But me finally has some. This may not be things people would think of. But if you have special needs or know someone who does then you understand.

  1. My best is matching. With that and Google (and Dynavox and more) I can mostly read and communication. Because I can take a word and find it somewhere else like on Google to find pictures or other stuff to understand or take a word from Dynavox and type it by match letters. It also can help with numbers and money. And help me follow a picture schedule of the day or steps of a thing.
  2. I can use Google. Google helps me with so much. I can find words or pictures or song or where me am or more. You can ask about fish or place to live.
  3. My favorite is I can swing. I even have a swing inside. I don’t swing like other people because I can’t make arms and legs work together but still I love swing and helps me calm.
  4. I can walk. Another favorite. I don’t always can walk lots or at all. Sometimes I need a cane or hold stuff or even wheelchair. But I am happy I can walk so good because lots of other people can’t.
  5. I can make a noise with my tongue. Now this seem silly but as a person who can’t talk I like this skill. It can be the only way I can get attention if need somethings.
  6. I am good with little children. Not everyone likes them or can handle them but mostly we are friends. We like same shows and food and stuff so when I am around people that have children or pets for the most time I am with them. And since we both may not be able talk good sometimes I understand what a behavior means.
  7. Trying. I do try to do stuff even if sometimes I can’t. And sometimes with help and practice me can. I am not always trying in a way you see but sometimes I am just trying to walk when I feel funny. And sometimes I am try to be ok in a new store or learn a new thing.
  8. Last one but I am happy easy. A color or song or bird or nice person or somethings that feels good or anything can make me super happy. It’s the little things that most people don’t get happy for. It’s probably the thing people like of me most because I am happy easy so even if had bad time more early I am happy easy after and not stay upset.
  9. Ok 1 more. I don’t hurt people much. After years of both abuse and therapy type things I don’t hit or bite unless you touch me first and I can’t help it. It can be bad since less communication but also good because I don’t like be hurt and not was hurt people because want to, I just couldn’t help it. 
  10. I forgot 1. So to make 10 things super yay I was not know could make 5. I can think. Sometimes I am overwhelmed and can’t think. But mostly me can think about stuff. If me did not then I could not do any of them but maybe number 8 that is be happy easy and it works best if I not think of it. 

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