I want to talk about learning for a minute. Yes I need help to learn stuff and so do everyone even if not has differences. They important part is to to find out what is important and work with me. You can spend hours trying to teach me how to talk with my mouth and how to be ok with lots of noise and bright light so that I look normal. Or you can make my life better by give me a communication device and headphones and stuff to help cope with sensory so that can spend time teach me important stuff like how to understand and express how and why I feel funny, and how to make sure I always am able to remember when and how to eat and be able to. Not that people try teach me anything now. But they did.   So I did not have lots of help like other people because I was mostly homeless and abuse as child, and because when and where I was as child nobody understand about autism or other stuff. But as older I had 2 big times where I was suppose be teach stuff. 1) I was in residential for 3 years. All day everyday they try teach me to not have behaviors and to talk with my mouth. Mostly I learn to hide when I could not smile so that I not get hurt and to come over if I hear my name and just nod yes to everything. 2) for over 5 years I had a friend by me almost 24/7 and see a therapist 2 days a week. They teach me it’s ok to be me. They help me with some ADLs like not make shower water to hot and to wash clothes. They work with me to take medicine and eat and how to use apps so that I would not stay lost and ways to communicate and help remember stuff. It was not easy, we got upset sometimes. Some things took lots of years to understand even be told everyday. But I did learn stuff important stuff to survive and be more comfortable. Until I learned enough that they felt OK to leave me in a house program alone. The friend so he could finally work on himself to get a job and stuff instead of be homeless watching over me, and the therapist to spend time with his baby. There are still things I maybe can and need to learn. But I am happy to learn enough to survive.


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