The label choice

I have a service dog. Her vest says Autism dog. If you ask about me you will hear I have autism. I have a lot of different things, and Allie is train for most of them. So why just the word autism? And why let people know and not just have a service dog label? The word autism because it covers most of my differences, especially what you see. People hear autism and understand I may not talk and that noises are loud and that I may have trouble with stuff. And they usually know autism can have lots of other diagnosis to. And I think my life and mind is better to just accept I have autism than to make my life about a bunch of medical stuff. I don’t want to spend my time trying to go to doctors to fix everything they think is wrong. I am more happy to just be, and only work on make myself feel better by say swinging or yes some medicine like my inhaler. But I don’t want to waste every minute worry about my medical stuff or why I am me or if I am broken and need be fix. I love me.  This my life and my normal. Most Deaf people don’t want be fixed to be normal and me don’t either. This all I know, I don’t want to be a different person. 

    And I don’t mind if people know because again I love me, and because they are more understanding, but mostly to take a word from Kreeds world #nolimits. People don’t think a person with autism, well not as “low function ” as me can do anything. But they see me walking with Allie so maybe learn that even if I need some help I can do some things. I walk to the park by myself. I go in the store by myself. I may look funny to other people how I do it, but the good part is I do it. And I do it better alone because I know if I can’t be in there and can leave without need someone else, and I can put my music loud and take a long time to find something with nobody trying to talk to me or rush me. Allie just waits and when I need to go, she helps me find home. I think it would be more easy if a person took time to help me plan for store and what to get and more, but since they don’t then I don’t want them there when I need to focus really hard to get a thing and not meltdown. But I have to say Allie has made everything a lot more easy. She really helps in ways you can see like calm a meltdown and in ways you don’t like let me know I am safe. 


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