I put all my small post I have been work because I may busy for awhile. I have 14 appointments for physical therapy and occupational therapy in aug. and I will be moving at some point. And I have court next week for what happened.

Also I did a thing. Today I finally use the swifter to sweep and mop. It has been a long time. So long the mop thingy was dry when me get it out. I do need to try to clean the oven top but I am a bit scared of the oven. 


Facebook and learning 

I know this will be weird. But please read. Us with autism may have problems with friends. We have little in common with the other people our age. And we may have learning problems. I do. My old caretaker used Facebook and YouTube to try help me with these things. On Facebook you can follow cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street and Disney and nickelodeon. Or other stuff you like. So he gave me those. Just by have Facebook it was nice to feel like normal person. Then when I see pictures or videos he would help me read. At first it was easy words like the name Winnie the Pooh well easy because I can see pooh and know it’s him. And when me show more wanting to know what it say he did more. Like if say honey show me the honey. And he would show me how to match type letters on the keyboard on google images to see pictures to learn what the word mean or on YouTube to get videos of my favorite shows. And he show me how to use the stickers to say something like the kitty with the pizza if I wanted pizza. And he help me match type letters from PECS to type. he did ask if I like the RUGRATS and when me point to yes and he ask why and me show it is my favorite he help me type that comment. It was so cool to see what me had to say. And people can like it. And then with Dynavox it became more easy because it can talk and the iPad can type what it say.  Matching letters on the Dynavox keyboard gave me pictures of words like google images but faster and only 1 so not to confuse. And he show me how to follow a few people like me to know I’m not alone. And how to use it to message him even if I did not see him beside me. We would have long messages with mostly stickers. And a few words I learned. So it may sound weird but Facebook can be used to help with social skills and communication and learning. And YouTube and google images can help to. They are not normal use for special needs but that part of how they work for more older child is to have something Cool that helps. Or even just say they feel bad because they like Winnie the Pooh but on Facebook they can see lots of people like Winnie the Pooh and that may lead to friends even if only online. 

Cartoons and learning 

People have tell me that it’s not ok to still like dragon tales and paw patrol and RUGRATS and other cartoons. Or some of my toys. But my think is who cares what makes me happy. Would people like it better if I watched things with fighting and killing and sexy all the time instead? Scary stuff gives me more bad dreams. Happy stuff makes me happy. My life is hard and I am ok to watch things to laugh.

But if that is not enough then think of this. All these shows teach me things. Barney help teach me brush my teeth. Cookies monster help me learn numbers. Dragon tales and RUGRATS teach me not be scared. And when they was teach me letters they use Disney people like A is for Aladdin. Many of my toys may be for little kids but they help me with motor skills and sensory problems. And the leapfrog toys are to help me learn. I even has Clifford blocks and a book and a stuffy. 

Don’t tell somebody they can’t like what makes them happy because they are to old for it well if it’s a like a trampoline that will break that’s different. But you can use the cartoons to help teach us stuff. Lots of them help with social skills. Little Einsteins teach music and art and animals. Find books and games or make some with our favorite cartoons to help us learn things. When we watch or listen to them ask us stuff of it. Have us practice some of the things they say so we learn the skills. Like when Barney was brush teeth get a toothbrush and help. Or if they are counting have us use our fingers or pictures of numbers to. 

Poo not Winnie the Pooh 

I am write of this because 1 to help me think of it and mine feelings 2 to help me accept all of myself and not think me am bad 3 because parents talk of it but us children not able to mostly.

So lots of parents and people that work with us call low function autism know of all kinds of poo problems and not understand why or what to do. This is my story and maybe it can help but everyone is different.
The other day something happened. It do not happen much now but sometimes. I was outside and had to go. When I have to go I have to go now. But there was no potty because I was outside by the lake. I try to start walk home with Allie but after a few minutes it happened. Lucky me I wear diapers for incontience so no mess up clothes. And no people was by me to say anything as me was go home to shower. I remember when I used to play with it like it was play do or something. I don’t do that now but I did. Yep me was one of those who smear. 

I have tummy problems. I have GERD and can’t eat gluten or much dairy or caffeine and have a few other allergies. All of them but gluten the doctor say when small because in my family. But when I was small I eat lots of gluten when I eat anything. Pancakes is my favorite. And soft cookies. And I would eat some kinds of pasta sometimes. I not potty normal. I would go days not have to and it would hurt or some days my tummy would hurt and me go lots. I did not understand what was happening. But I did not like it. Lots of people talked at me but I did not understand what they mean. When it happened I wanted it gone because it did not feel good to have it push on my skin. The rocks was hurt. So me did what could to get it out, take it with my hands. I like to fingerpaint with paint it feels good. Well in my fingers the poo was kind of like that or crayon so well me color because that is what fingerpaint and crayons is for. And it had a magic power, doing that can make someone come and clean me and it can also make them go away if I was hurting. Because I don’t cry or smile like other people nobody knows when I was in pain or happy. And I can not talk so they did not know what I wanted. But that worked. When me was older they try to show me how to use the potty. Well it is a lot of steps and me was confused. One day they start use pictures and small steps and work with me lots even hand over hand.  And once me understand what to do, they had to teach me when. So with pictures and practice of when my tummy hurt me learn. But the thing is me don’t know until the last minute. But they made a picture schedule of when me go the most and us try for that every day. By learning where to go to get clean and be alone when hurt it stop some of the issues. But not all. They give me some medicine to help me go better and also some drinks because I do not eat good. I hate toilet paper. So me use baby wipes the kind that can go in the potty. I was not in trouble for playing with the water because it is more easy to clean. I needed a mirror, I did not trust the potty to sit on and it was easier not to sit all the way and I also wanted to know me was super clean. I was given lots of fingerpaint and big crayons in my room and the bathroom. And when they made the fingerpaint soap and bathroom crayons me got those to. And a few years ago someone say try no gluten. And for me help lots, me go better most days not hurt even if me not drink that medicine and less seizures to.  By they I don’t mean family I mean programs and foster care because my family was gone by then. Was any of that easy no. It took years. Me was like 16 or something when start get better at potty and not play with poo. Me was 23 when start eat less gluten and stop thinking of the potty with pain. But still at 25 me had a uh oh. But that’s ok. It was not on purpose and me did my best. My tummy has problems that’s all. So maybe some of this stuff can help you or someone you know with potty issues. But I will tell you what won’t work good yelling or being mean. Making someone scared who doesn’t understand or can’t help it will make them process less and become scared of you, poo, and the potty. It will make them think they are bad person and not know why. That hurts a long long time trust me. I have never been able to learn when I need to pee. My body can’t feel that and my bladder is small. It is not my fault. Instead of being mean to me for it like my family did, I was one day put where even though they wanted me to use they potty they also help me learn to clean myself and was never mean. They know me try and give me cookies for every step. Like when me was uncomfortable me would try take it off. I wasn’t being not polite, it was behavior to get clean. Did me have to learn to be in private yes but never in trouble for try my best. Taking off clothes is communication like all behavior. Maybe the person is hot or itchy or the clothes hurt. See why and what else you can do to help. Maybe certain types of shirts feel better, I don’t like jeans or sleeves or tags. Do the best to help not make it worse by make person anxiety or scare or more overstimulated. I want to put a last thing. Donna Williams is my favorite famous adult with autism. She has a YouTube video of poo issues to. But me disagree with one thing, but I guess it can work? She says for people like me who used poo to get time alone in they space you should have everyone come in anyway and smell to teach the person that it do not work. I don’t like that because you are not helping the person or respect them. I think a better thing to do is to be normal like come in to clean but don’t scare them with everyone coming in and give them a better way to get time alone. Maybe a picture to put on the door or a bell to ring or something. Show them that if they can do that you will understand and respect they need a few minutes. And the same thing if you think they do it to get attention because they are alone lots. Come in quiet to clean but nothing extra. But give them a better way to get your attention. And for both I think it’s a good idea to have a set time everyday to spend together and to be alone to. But remember we have feelings to. We may be in pain or sad or something and not know how to show it but having time together or alone may help feel better and not have meltdowns later. 

Autistic adults wander to, service dogs to the rescue 

So everyone hears of autistic children running. And most have hear of the adult with the truck sad story the other day. I still do that to. Maybe I’m confused or am overstimulated or see something pretty or anything. I don’t have a parent or staff always with me. But I do have Allie my service dog 24/7. She keeps me safe. This is how

Take me for a break before I get to upset.

Have me sit if she thinks me or her needs to rest, she will stop moving no matter how hard I pull. 

Calm me down. She gives deep pressure hugs and licks my hand to calm me.

Help cross the street. She always watch the street for cars and trucks and won’t let me get hurt. Everyone loves that because I am always going in the street at bad time.

Not let me drown. I love water but I can’t swim and almost drown lots. Allie will not let me step in the water.

Find home. She takes me home when I am confused or tired and able to listen to her better. 

This has nothing to do with that but I can’t tie my shoes. I have to have someone do that and not touch it until it needs again. But I find a cool thing to help. They are stretchy not like shoelaces. I put a picture of them 

Pain, Swings, and Accomplishment 

In the morning Me and Allie take 3 hour walk. But wait for it . . . Our destination (the park) should only take 25 minutes to walk. Using my cane so I can have a hand free (as opposed to my new forearm crutches) It takes me almost 3 times that. Part of it is I need lots of breaks for both my legs and my breathing/heartrate. The other part is even though I start at a almost normal pace by the end my legs are so tired I’m walking slower than Betty (a 13 year old tortoise that is 70lbs). I’m feeling funny at this point but you only see me smile. We make it to the swings and I let Allie run for a few minutes as I sit and when she comes back I swing. Either on the normal swing with just my hands or the special needs swing (the big blue swing that looks like a car seat) using my cane to push me. After about 30 minutes we start heading back. I may stop by somewhere to get me or Allie a treat (that is why I want a free hand, and to hold my stuffie). By the time we get back I’m definitely in pain, my eyes are watery with tears but you won’t see that because my silly body only smiles. And with my dark glasses and not being looking at people nobody knows. And when we finally get back I get Allie breakfast and then  fall as my legs completely give out. But it’s ok because I made it. And I got to swing which is my favorite thing to do. And Allie is happy because she got to run outside. I’m glad to have her, she helps me walk and stay stable. She doesn’t mind how long it takes me or if some days I can’t go that far even if she wants to. She makes sure I rest and also encourages me when to get up and go a little more. And she’s always always smiling happy. I am not complaining at all, I’m happy to do what I can. But it’s interesting that nobody knows how much pain I’m in because even if they see me having a hard time I’m always smiling. The silly part is that when I’m happy and calm my mouth is not smiling much. It only smiles when I’m in pain or having a lot of feelings (good or bad). The forearm crutches help me a lot but I still need breaks and I can’t use my hands. A thing about both cane and forearm crutches is that my arms and hands aren’t very strong too. They don’t always listen to me good. So the pain I get isn’t just my legs, it’s also my arms – not to much my hands because the handle is big enough I don’t have to squeeze hard to hold, unless it rains. Most of my lbs is held by the device but it comes through my arms and also my arms have to move it. Works way better than my legs of course but it’s still hard work. And also the pain is my chest and throat to for breathing. But it’s still worth it. At least for the early morning swing especially when I can see the sunrise at the lake. But I’m slowly learning I need to give up the cane and use the forearm crutches always. The insurance lady emailed that she’s going to see if they can pay for me a gait trainer because my walker doesn’t have a seat or way to support me and is not good to use outside and a rollators isn’t made to hold my lbs. it just rolls and I fall. I really really really don’t want to go back in a wheelchair. I hate it and it’s hard to use. I’d rather struggle and take time with the forearm crutches. 

Thank you yes you

I want to thanks everyone that is think mine words is important enough to follow. I hope they help you. Maybe they can give you hope or inspire. Or even just to know you’re not alone trying to survive. I write for me, but it’s very nice to someone cares enough to read it. This is the most social and communication I am. Even on fb i only have 2 friends and mostly just share cartoons and cute animals. Oh but guess what? The lady who help me get Dynavox (she works for them) is having them do a email interviews with me to write a success story. It’s going to take awhile because I don’t use words alone so have to put them in pictures and find answers and make words but the Dynavox helps with all that and even types for me.