Behavior is communication 

  People have these thinks about other people and it changes how they act to them. And I don’t like it. There is a person who knows me and also knows a (9year old?) child who has nonverbal autism to. This person expects a lot from me, way more than I can do even though I try until I shutdown. And They expect me to understand everything they say even though I don’t at all. But when they tell the child they are going on a walk and the child goes to the door, the person doesn’t understand the child went to the door to leave. The person think the child just wanted to look outside. The person didn’t want to walk at that moment but they didn’t say that or when. Now this is silly. But the reason is I have a communication device that I can use, and the child does not. But the child is better able than me at understanding spoken words. It makes me upset to watch the people not think the child can do stuff. Nobody but me has been able to help him use Dynavox because nobody else can see him. They don’t see how smart he really is, or how his body doesn’t listen to him (I think he has CP too). He’s not getting the chance to learn to communicate because they don’t see him. They are focused on behavior but not understanding. They don’t understand that if he’s taking off his clothes he’s probably hot or uncomfortable. They don’t see him at all, they don’t even look. I do, I let him walk to the park with me and Allie. And for a little bit he was himself with no pressure. We didn’t need words. There was a lady who work there at the school who saw us, and I wondered what she saw 2 autistic children who needed help or a older child helping a younger child. I was very much like a type of big brother that little bit, because someone had to let him know he was ok as himself. Most people think I am very smart if they see me use my device or they think I am not smart at all if they don’t see me use it. I am not smart as most people my age, but I do have a brain. And the child is the same. He can learn to be even more able than me if given the support. When I was that age I didn’t understand people at all. He has less behavior than I did. I believe in him. I am as able as I am because someone took years helping me. They worked with me to learn how to use Google to understand words by finding pictures, and how to type by matching letters from my PECS. 


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