This month. 

I have not been able to think words good to type for awhile. And my body and mind has both been get confused easy and not able to do stuff. Even taking a walk takes me like 2 extra hours than before. But here’s the month or so since it happened. I was given a spray thingy in case someone try to hurt me again. I still can’t sleep much and have bad dreams when I do. I have been able to take more normal walks when I get outside. But I can’t be around people even at stores I’m go to for years. I can’t be touched even by the few people I let before. I did get approved to move, but it’s not happened yet. My OCD got bad with my PTSD and worse is things will bother me but my body and mind can’t figure out how to fix them. So instead of just being bothered by the table and fixing it quickly, I get bothered and stay bothered because I can’t figure out how to fix it. My brain goes blank and jumbled, and my body doesn’t want to move.   Here’s some more better stuff of the month. I got new forearm crutches. I don’t like not having my hands and hope to get a special gait trainer when I start PT again, but it’s way way better than my cane or Walker. Allie has enjoyed walking with me at a good pace, and doesn’t mind I have to stop a lot to catch my breath and calm my heart rate. Pokémon Go came out and so when I have to stop I can now do something with my hands and eyes. I got to visit Legoland discovery. I never knew it was by the mall. The staff was super super awesome and nice. It was a best day for me in years maybe ever- i really felt normal for once, not one was telling me how to act or quiet hands or stop making noise and touching stuff. Even though it wasn’t normal that I was 25 I fit right in with the other kids, ok maybe not because I can’t talk and had a dog and cane, but still Nobody was staring at me . And I got to help make LEGOs. 


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