I am having feelings. But first I want to put this because it shows some of differences http://aphasiacorner.com/aphasia-simulations/index.html. Aphasia is what people think of people who can’t talk good after a stroke. It is in some people like me with cerebral palsy or autism.

So I have had lots of tests like lots of people with differences. Most not in school people don’t have many test. But I have because of some changes with me and with my environment. Part of it is having people who understand my differences and can test me better. One test that changed was the GMFCS that tells about you walking. I am a 2 or 3 before but now I am a 3 almost 4. I have feelings about that but not because the test. The other test give me feelings. My word understand is grade 2 or 3. My IQ is 75. My mental age is 7. For all of these I did 3 test. It was understand of my aphasia and some test had no words. The best thing is that my reading understand is grade 5 if I have symbols help and don’t have to remember and can look back at the words for the questions. What do this mean? It means that I am not good with words when I am listen or read. But that I am more smart than my words but not as smart as other people. When I am type I do better because I have help with words. I don’t know if this is good or bad or if I need to care because I am not in school. I am having feelings because I don’t want to think I am stupid. I looked at some books alone and start to cry at not understanding books I think I am supposed to. But I did find a good book i understand about a girl who was hurt because she went to school. It was step into reading level 4. I needed a little help from my device but I understood it good. I am get better at say I don’t understand but it’s still scary. So much before I had to pretend to understand the best me can to not be hurt. I want to know things are different here. I am going to stop and watch paw patrol so I don’t need feelings. But here is the book I was able to read.


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