Pink elephant 

I can’t sleep. Maybe if I type some thinks I can. So this is called juans pink elephant because of 3 things. 1 I love dumbo pink elephant on parade 2 my PECS was called pink elephant communication system to help me remember 3 the thing of elephant in the room when people don’t talk of stuff even when they want to. So I use this to use words to type of things that people don’t ask and maybe some things they need to. 

I don’t type of trans I mean intersex much because i don’t think of it. I take a shot for it but that’s it. But I put it in the thing of the blog because I am honest. And maybe people will see that it doesn’t tell you anything of a person. Some people think bad of people that are LGBTQ and I don’t like that. I don’t think you should think bad of a person and not know them. A person is a bunch of stuff but not the body. The body color or shape or stuff is not something a person makes. They are born with it. And I don’t think any love is bad. Love don’t hurt a person. 

I don’t type all at once. I think some people sit down and type. But not me. My thinks go in my head for hours or days or weeks or months. I type a little at a time until I think I am done. Even if you talk to me sometimes I type answer long time after and nobody remember what I type of. 

Court of what happened last month is moved. It was Friday but now it’s not. I am confused of how this works. But I know that they want to make it felony. And I am hope he doesn’t hurt me or a different person. He is moved so good and me am to move to. I don’t know when. I think I am start art therapy on Wednesday. Ok that is all the words I can find for my thinks so goodnight. 


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