Autistic adults wander to, service dogs to the rescue 

So everyone hears of autistic children running. And most have hear of the adult with the truck sad story the other day. I still do that to. Maybe I’m confused or am overstimulated or see something pretty or anything. I don’t have a parent or staff always with me. But I do have Allie my service dog 24/7. She keeps me safe. This is how

Take me for a break before I get to upset.

Have me sit if she thinks me or her needs to rest, she will stop moving no matter how hard I pull. 

Calm me down. She gives deep pressure hugs and licks my hand to calm me.

Help cross the street. She always watch the street for cars and trucks and won’t let me get hurt. Everyone loves that because I am always going in the street at bad time.

Not let me drown. I love water but I can’t swim and almost drown lots. Allie will not let me step in the water.

Find home. She takes me home when I am confused or tired and able to listen to her better. 

This has nothing to do with that but I can’t tie my shoes. I have to have someone do that and not touch it until it needs again. But I find a cool thing to help. They are stretchy not like shoelaces. I put a picture of them 


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