Cartoons and learning 

People have tell me that it’s not ok to still like dragon tales and paw patrol and RUGRATS and other cartoons. Or some of my toys. But my think is who cares what makes me happy. Would people like it better if I watched things with fighting and killing and sexy all the time instead? Scary stuff gives me more bad dreams. Happy stuff makes me happy. My life is hard and I am ok to watch things to laugh.

But if that is not enough then think of this. All these shows teach me things. Barney help teach me brush my teeth. Cookies monster help me learn numbers. Dragon tales and RUGRATS teach me not be scared. And when they was teach me letters they use Disney people like A is for Aladdin. Many of my toys may be for little kids but they help me with motor skills and sensory problems. And the leapfrog toys are to help me learn. I even has Clifford blocks and a book and a stuffy. 

Don’t tell somebody they can’t like what makes them happy because they are to old for it well if it’s a like a trampoline that will break that’s different. But you can use the cartoons to help teach us stuff. Lots of them help with social skills. Little Einsteins teach music and art and animals. Find books and games or make some with our favorite cartoons to help us learn things. When we watch or listen to them ask us stuff of it. Have us practice some of the things they say so we learn the skills. Like when Barney was brush teeth get a toothbrush and help. Or if they are counting have us use our fingers or pictures of numbers to. 


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