Communication with Dogs

Yes I know a more silly thing to say. But the other day me start to think of it. Allie and other dogs do the same thing as me and others with communication problems. We all use behaviors. If Allie wants to see a rabbit she can’t tell me but she can look that way and not move until I walk with or look too and shake my head no. If she is hungry and we are outside she will lick the grass until I bring her home and fix the water and food. And people always say not to bark but one day I watch her bark when she walking off leash. She wasn’t mean she just say hello I know you and then walk away back home. I think on that and made me want to remember that dogs are like me. You have to pay attention to see what they want. They are nonverbal to and have trouble with words and still need behaviors. Most things they do is to communicate but people don’t understand. But they still need love and respect. And how people get mad and spray dogs to not bark made me think of all the time me was get in trouble for stim or make noise with my mouth even if nobody was hurt. So it’s like teach your dog not to say hi and that can make them scared of new people. Me and Allie make faces at each other and copy. Like sometimes you do with babies. She even plays peek a boo. Here in the pic she was but when see the camera she roll into my blanket 


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