Facebook and learning 

I know this will be weird. But please read. Us with autism may have problems with friends. We have little in common with the other people our age. And we may have learning problems. I do. My old caretaker used Facebook and YouTube to try help me with these things. On Facebook you can follow cartoons like Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street and Disney and nickelodeon. Or other stuff you like. So he gave me those. Just by have Facebook it was nice to feel like normal person. Then when I see pictures or videos he would help me read. At first it was easy words like the name Winnie the Pooh well easy because I can see pooh and know it’s him. And when me show more wanting to know what it say he did more. Like if say honey show me the honey. And he would show me how to match type letters on the keyboard on google images to see pictures to learn what the word mean or on YouTube to get videos of my favorite shows. And he show me how to use the stickers to say something like the kitty with the pizza if I wanted pizza. And he help me match type letters from PECS to type. he did ask if I like the RUGRATS and when me point to yes and he ask why and me show it is my favorite he help me type that comment. It was so cool to see what me had to say. And people can like it. And then with Dynavox it became more easy because it can talk and the iPad can type what it say.  Matching letters on the Dynavox keyboard gave me pictures of words like google images but faster and only 1 so not to confuse. And he show me how to follow a few people like me to know I’m not alone. And how to use it to message him even if I did not see him beside me. We would have long messages with mostly stickers. And a few words I learned. So it may sound weird but Facebook can be used to help with social skills and communication and learning. And YouTube and google images can help to. They are not normal use for special needs but that part of how they work for more older child is to have something Cool that helps. Or even just say they feel bad because they like Winnie the Pooh but on Facebook they can see lots of people like Winnie the Pooh and that may lead to friends even if only online. 


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