I have a few things new in my life. I’m still homeless but the lady says by November she’ll have me a place. For now I’m staying with a friend still. And I’m almost done with physical therapy and occupational therapy. The doctor agreed that inpatient wasn’t a good idea for me so I’ve had intensive outpatient everyday for a month. I have 2 more weeks left. And he is having me work with the people to get a more customized power wheelchair including having my Dynavox mounted, and also to look into getting a headmouse so that I can communicate more fast and better than with switch scanning. I’m watching the show Speechless when me can. Allie is doing super good. We take the Metra train everyday and she gets to show off how good she is because I have to take off her leash to get on the wheelchair lift. She waits for me then runs to my side and leads the way to an open space for us to sit before I put the leash back on. It’s funny to think mine bday is oct 2 and that is almost here. This year I think I’ll be 26 (I need to ask my calendar because I forgot).  It’s funny because I still have trouble remembering I’m not still a child. I feel like it. Anytime I type of like being at the park or build a bear I always say the other kids instead of the kids. I guess they call me an adult child for a reason. I do look like one and maybe still act like one? Oh it’s very exciting because Dynavox (they make my AAC) is writing a story on me and Allie. Me will has post it here, I got to read a draft today with my friends help, but it should be published next week possibly on world cerebral palsy day. And do you want to know the most exciting (and kind of scary) thing? I finally told my friend I have feelings for them, and they have feelings for me. So now we’re in a kind of relationship. And it’s nice because they know I’m different but they still respect me as valid while still working with my differences. The other day we went to a concert, not something everyone would do with me, and we decided to not take Allie for her safety. I was sad because she’s always by me, but I didn’t want her to get stepped on or be hurt by the noise because they don’t make headphones for dogs. I trust my friend more than I do most people but I’m still scared. But they don’t mind when I’m having anxiety or PTSD and they listen to me. And it’s ok with them that I like to kiss but not have sexy time. They say they liked my innocence and honesty and not to ever change no matter what society says. Even if we become just friends again one day I’m really super happy to have such an awesome nonjudgmental person in my life. They said I’m easy to love. But not most people think that, most think I’m just a burden, so I think they’re really special 


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