Changing yourself when paralyzed 

I’m talking of changing your diaper for incontience not clothes. I can’t be only person who has to do this. But we not see anywhere that talks of this. So for everyone that may needs to here is how me does. What we learned is a in the middle of how you change your pants and how a caregiver is supposed to change your diaper. To take off pull your legs up and bend at knee then put by your side. Open the sides and clean yourself. Move one knee to the other and roll to your side (it may help to push from a wall). Clean your backside and move the diaper. To put on me open the clean one 1st and puts on the side me will roll to. After you removed the old diaper put the new one as close to under you as you can. Roll on your back again. If needed roll to your other side or lift your thigh to move it to the center. Put your knees bend again and tape up. I’m hope it helps, it can be hard especially if your paralyzed or weak in the upper body to. But me thinks is better to do myself than has someone else unless absolutely needed. 


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