Ups and downs skills 

I’m losing some skills. Some of them it took me a long time to get. Like brushing my teeth and dressing myself. Some of them me was still working on like buttons and writing with a pen. Some of them me was good at like push ups and rocking. Once upon a time I could see better and do math better but that’s hard to remember. Those 2 things got bad years ago but me thinks they are even more bad now. Mine eyes get blurry more and it’s getting harder to add with my fingers. But I’m get some skills better. This year me learn the feeling words scared and pain. I’m not the best at understanding them but I know better than before. And with my Dynavox and practice with my friend me am get more good at typing mine thinks. I’m still not looking at people but me use my Dynavox to say thanks you and have a good day and that’s a big social skill and communication skills. I’m thinks there are 2 scary things to me now 1) me stop being able to do anything for myself and needs a full time caregiver and gets abused 2) mine eyes stop being able to see words so then me can’t understand stuff again because I’m not good at understanding spoken words and most people can’t draw symbols or use pictures to communicate and me can’t barely use ASL now so then me can’t communicate again. But the good is mine iPad has switch controls and they is working on getting me a new Dynavox AAC control by my eyes or at least my head so even if me can’t understand other people or do anything else me can say what me needs. 


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