Words being stuck 

I’m want to say a thing. Me types and you see that. But you don’t see all the words that I never find or can’t get out. Lots of mine feels and thinks stay in mine head. I don’t know if that is true for all nonverbal autism people that learn to type and or talk or not but it’s true for some of us. And you don’t know who. So don’t judge and assume anyone language skills just because they type or talk a little bit. Some may be really good at say what they thinks but not what they feel. Some may be good at both but not good at understanding what other people say. Some may be great at understanding what other people say but can’t say what they want. Some may be like me and still trying to work on all those things with extra supports and time. Language skills and communication skills are very hard to understand and you should take time with the person and try lots different communication ways with and without words to see where a person is. But that’s still can’t show you what is on the inside. Like how a paralyzed person knows how to walk but can’t make they legs work some people know what they want to say but can’t get it out because the brain scrambles everything. 


One thought on “Words being stuck 

  1. I don’t know if you like books or what kind of books you like, but there’s this one book that I read in 7th or 8th grade (I want to say 7th because it was when I was mostly in special ed classes) and it had this dude who was in a bad car accident and couldn’t talk or do anything voluntarily anymore. I remember reading that and getting all excited because I could point to the book and say that that was what I felt like. Except no one understood because I can speak and write and all that.

    My communication, to me, is not where I need it to be in order to understand people most of the time. It’s especially frustrating when it comes to people I’ve known forever and think I’ve gotten how to talk to them down and it’s not right and it makes me sad. Typing on the computer is the best thing to ever happen to me because this is the best way for me to communicate. Otherwise, it’s like a brain scramble and it’s very frustrating.
    I’m sorry if I took over your post. This is a huge issue for me and I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one. I think you put it really well and I’m going to probably quote you to my therapist because the way you said it is perfect, to me.

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