Updates, possible als

I know it’s been a long time me not type and am sorry. Today me will be copy and paste a few posts me has be work on type for a few months. But before that me will tells you what is going on.   A lot of why me not be type is it’s become to hard. Even using switch control mine body starts hurting and gives up very fast. Me has do a few tests and the new thinks is that me has ALS not the primary progressive multiple sclerosis after all. Me has 2 more tests and then hopes gets official diagnosis. There has be problems with gets the eyegaze device. The insurance lady says will talk with a person and tell us next week what is go on. Me has the approval so me am confused. Mine swallowing study thingy to talk of feeding tube was moved to next month but mine doctor is going to call and try to has an emergency study because all mine bones is show. Me can see mine ribs in mine chest and me was not even know ribs was in your chest. Me has had bedsores because not can moves mine self much on mine bed but am try mine best. 

 The 2 more good things is DRS finally do the assessment thingy so in 2 weeks will tell mine insurance how much help me can has at home because not wanting to nursing home at all. And the lady and Grr was talk and it looks like me will has a big score to gets lots help. Us was ask lots things of what me can do and me has say thinking on it me am surprised am alive but me has always be survivor. The most good thing is Friday Cheetos will takes me to get mine new power wheelchair. It has lots of supports so me not will fall out. 

Me has to say me loves Cheetos. Him and kitty is what helps me try be ok. There has be days where me am has bad thinks because is like me will never get help. Me spend most days on mine bed poking mine bones and try to move enuff to not get more bedsores. Is like am being left here tortured by mine body until die with no help. But me knows Cheetos and kitty loves me even if they not can do much. Me am happy of Grr to. Him takes me to most mine doctor things and him and Cheetos call everyone to make the appointments. 


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