Short update 

I have a few things. So me am not done with tests but we saw my hearts and lungs are starting to fail. The hospital has offered hospice care so they think me am dying soon. And still this neurologist won’t give me the official diagnosis until after other tests. And without it we can’t give me all the support me needs. But maybe after the EMG next week she will. I’m not sure it really matters much now anyway. On the plus side Dynavox sent me the eyegaze device for now while they try to work with my insurance. My friend find a thing for hippotherapy which is really horses not hippos so we asked my doctor if she thinks can give me prescription. Me thinks the best news is Cheetos say when we know for sure me has little time left me can spend my last bit of time living with him. Me stays there sometimes for a few days already but I’d like my last month with him. 


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